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Dual-Master-Programm mit NTNU/Norwegen

The multi-disciplinary international double-degree program Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets (SESAM) gives students a broad and thorough understanding of energy systems and markets. The program’s focus is on the large-scale integration and management of renewable energy. Graduates will be able to design, analyze, and optimize energy systems and markets with large shares of renewables and provide decision support to the actors therein.

SESAM is a double degree program by NTNU and TU Berlin. The partner program at TU Berlin is Industrial Engineering and Management - Energy and Resources (IEM-ER). Students will take one year (60 ECTS) at TU Berlin and one year (60 ECTS) at NTNU. They will receive a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy from NTNU and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on Energy and Resources from TU Berlin.

Students from TU Berlin have to apply for the program at TU Berlin. The application deadline is January 31. Please drop your documents off at the GKWi service centre.


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